Personal Credit Course w/removal letters

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Katrina J.
Google Reviewer
My only regret, is that I didn't sign up with this sooner! Great information! Thanks!
Trinice J.
Google Reviewer
Never in a million years did I think I would have excellent credit. This video was GOLDEN. After watching and following the methods provided I increased my credit score by 100 points and got approved for my first credit card!
Breanna T.
Google Reviewer
This course was phenomenal. I learned so much! The tools he provided was well worth the value.
Arika N.
Google Reviewer
I had my identity stolen and my credit score was embarrassingly low. After watching this course, I was able to go through the flows that were provided, get rid of my debts and increase my score tremendously. I appreciate yall so much for this :)
Tiffany G.
Google Reviewer
I liked the course. They basically provided basic information. Some stuff I knew, some stuff I could probably google if I knew what to look for. I guess it was helpful. I haven't started using any of the processes yet, so I guess I'll be back with another review when I do lol
Angela B.
Google Reviewer
Loved everything about this course. The transparency of the instructor was refreshing. He didn't boast as though he's always had perfect credit like most of these credit repair companies do. I paid a "black Friday" price, but it was worth way more. Amazing.
Aryanna M.
Google Reviewer
I bought this course for my boyfriend and he loves it. I've watched him go from having bad credit to getting two new American express cards, and he even got approved for a Victorias secret card that he lets me use when I need it. This course was great.
Jasmine P.
Google Reviewer
Great Course!
Nathan T.
Google Reviewer
The course was easy to follow. I'm excited to see what happens with my credit score once I start using the processes.
Quin Y.
Google Reviewer
I learned a lot from this course. I think that they could have provided more information about how to use this process to start a business but other than that it was helpful.
Rochelle F.
Google Reviewer
This course was so valuable!!

88% of new ENTREPRENEURS try to start a business before perfecting their credit, that's completely backward.

We created a course showing you how to easily wipe your credit and get tradelines and apply for high-limit credit cards that will help you fund your business.

We have tested this method on 1000s of our clients and this could be you.



  • How to improve your credit
  • How to budget better
  • How to talk to creditors 
  • How to remove negative items from your credit report
  • ​How to INSTANTLY Improve your credit score
  • ​How to REMOVE student loan debt
  • ​How to talk to the credit bureaus

This course is exclusive for consumers who have been affected by bad credit and want to turn their financial situation around.

You deserve a second chance.

Click the link above to get started today.