Brand Ambassador Course w/top influencer info

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Marla R.
Google Reviewer
This is the kind of stuff you can't learn in school. I love how this course is easy to follow, entertaining and soooo insightful! I recommend this to anyone running into roadblocks when trying to get brand ambassadors to promote their brand.
Ashley P.
Google Reviewer
I've never been one to leave reviews, but I had to do it for this one. This course gives so much sauce on how to build relationships with influencers and other marketing strategies. Like, its skills that I can use in my business and personal life. SUPER HAPPY with my purchase!
Stephanie K.
Google Reviewer
Megan H.
Google Reviewer
I watched this video and immediately gained the skills I needed to boost my sales. I now have 3 influencers on all SM platforms wearing my brands!! Amazing!
Keisha M.
Google Reviewer
This course is great for people looking to build their brands by using the power of influence. I highly recommend it!
Jordan C.
Google Reviewer
This course was pretty cool. They taught some things I already knew and some I didn't. Great value for the price.
Jermaine G.
Google Reviewer
This course had a lot of detailed content worth way more than what I paid. Great value for the price.
Nathaniel L.
Google Reviewer
Great content. Definitely provided valuable information that I can use to grow my brand.
Kaiden G.
Google Reviewer
This course was so helpful. I started using their strategies immediately and received so much positive feedback.
Chantal S.
Google Reviewer
I learned so much from this course. Its well prepared, complete and practical. I will be recommending this all my entrepreneur friends.
Simone P.
Google Reviewer
I love this course. First of all the teacher is a great communicator. He uses vocal variety to catch attention and to emphasize important concepts. The visuals match his explanations. There is added value all throughout the course. love love love this.
Uriel M.
Google Reviewer
Course content is fine and well organized. Alot of the things are common sense to me. Overall, it was a lot of good value for the price.

Finding brand ambassadors to promote your brand at a fair price is hard when you're a new business.

So what we did was create a brand ambassador strategy course that shows you exactly how we get celebrities like Ari, Shane Justin, meganthestallion., royalty_24kt, remi ma, cardi b, milano,bandman_kevo, cj_so_cool to promote your brands for an affordable price. 



  • How to find and vet influencers for all social media platforms
  • How to reach out to them and position yourself as an authority
  • How to get who you want to work with you for free
  • ​How to negotiate with them to get the most favorable pricing
  • ​How to build relationships with the influencers and what type of content to post when using them
  • ​How to track them once they are locked in
  • ​What marketing contracts I use for personal influencers