HOW TO: Enter Bank account in Shopify

This short tutorial goes over entering bank account information into Shopify. It is important to change the store's email to your personal email and then change all the other information describes in the video. (Address, name, etc. ).

You WILL NOT be able to enter your billing information until we make you the owner of the store!

Here at Digital Brandz, we don't make our clients owners of the store until they are ready to launch their store OR two weeks after your development process is done. We do this as a courtesy to give our clients an opportunity to get more familiar with the store BEFORE having to spend $29.99 a month to Shopify! We also go over setting up payment providers.

Hair stores don't always get approved by Shopify Payments. Luckily, Shopify allows you to attach your Paypal account instead! If you are a hair company we do recommend that you try to go through Shopify payments.